Crochet fairy dress PATTERN

860503_419955481431070_1987252086_oIt has taken much longer than I originally expected, but I finally have the fairy crocheted dresses finished. These dresses are inspired by the beloved tinkerbell, but there are several differences from her dress.  Obviously, I can’t slap “Disney” or even the name “Tinkerbell” on these dresses, because I am not (YET) affiliated with Disney.  I have done a bit of research and it seems that after I sell these wares for 5 years then I can start the application process to become liscensed with disney, but in the meantime, I shall resort to saying “Tinkerbell *Inspired*” or just use the simple “fairy dress” title.

You can purchase the fairy dress crochet patterns HERE on my craftsy site…unfortunately I am having a lot of issues getting the 12-18 month sized correctly, so it is a little later in being released. Hopefully it will be coming soon!

I do give permission to sell any finished products created using my patterns.  I ask that I get credit as the designer, but it isn’t a requirment.  Each of these have been tested and tweaked to be as perfect as possible for when you purchase them, however you may still run into some issues.  If that is the case, feel free to drop an email ( and I will offer one-on-one assistance when available.

If you are interested in any of my other disney princess *inspired* dresses (either to purchase the patterns, or to be a tester for me), just slide on over to HERE where there is more information on the subject.


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