Telling Tuesdays-WearablePlanters

imageColleen Jordan from WearablePlanters makes these adorable jewelry pieces that are bound to turn heads and start people talking. It is so clever the way she has turned greenery into an artistic fashion. From necklaces to lapel pins, clips, and even a few coasters, this girl has thought of it all! If you LOVE plants, work in a greenhouse or other herbivore, these items are definitely for you. And what cute little gifts they would make too.

You can check her out on etsy, and don’t forget to stop by to read the featured seller interview that Etsy did for her!

She creates these planters by using a modeling software. The techniques vary slightly depending on which specific planter you are interested in, but there seems to be a bit of personal hand-crafting to each one to give a unique one of a kind look and feel to them. Each planter comes with directions on how to add plants and recommendations on which plant will work best.

image“Wouldn’t it be cool to carry a plant in your pocket?”

“Handmade means taking the concentrated time and effort to create something that doesn’t exist. Even if you aren’t literally using her hands for the entire process, it’s really the initiative to take the time to make something that no one else has, or that you can get somewhere else, by yourself.”

Colleen has been selling her wares for a little over 2 imageyears. She sells her crafts because it aligns her with how she sees the world. To put it in her own words: “I think there’s a lot of value in making and creating things, and I’m really happy to do that when I’m able to”. She finds her inspiration in the perfect place too: the people she interacts with, and the world that surrounds us all!

“Honestly my favorite thing about this is that I’ve been able to make it into my full time job and support myself with it.”

She encourages other hand-craft sellers to “treat it as a business and not just a hobby. Make sure to set aside a proper amount of time to concentrate on your work and promote yourself when you’re getting started.”

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