Creativity hiatus

Ever been there?  When you just have a huge influx of ideas and inspiration, and you just create and create and create and then before you realize it, a whole two months has past since you’ve done anything else related to your craft-business?  I’ve go so much going on right now in the realm of creating that I’ve neglected my social medias, my advertising, my blogging, my bookkeeping…pretty much everything else.  And I’m STILL super excited and eager to keep working on these new creations that even while I am writing this I am itching to get back to my creating.

So, what do I have going on?

  • photo(131)I’ve got a few new crochet purse patterns available to purchase.  These are SO CUTE!  I actually made one for myself, and have gotten so many compliments on it, that I just had to create some patterns to share with all of you as well.  There are three different purse patterns currently available (small hand-bag, messenger bag, draw-string backpack), and the only thing different with all of them is the size/shape of the base and handles/straps.  Other than that, it is virtually the same pattern.  Very customizable to your color palate and a few other personalization options.  I just LOVE all of the different ways that you can crochet these purse patterns and each one can be so very different and unique.
  • photo(99)I got a brilliant idea for my crochet dress-up dolls to take dressing-up to a whole new level: WIGS!  So, along with my Crochet Disney princess dresses that are continuing to increase in number, all you have to do is crochet one generic-looking doll, and then you can change her dress, AND her hair, to give a full-bodied appeal.
  • Also: I’ve been working really hard on the crochet-along that I’ve got going on Ravelry with new outfits for my crochet dress-up doll every month/season!  If you are on Ravelry, you should totally come check it out, because that is the only place that I list ALL of my doll’s clothing for free (for limited times, of course).  Right now I’m working on the summer outfit, which is wedding attire.  I’ve got three different wedding dresses in mind for her, along with a veil/tiara (or both!), a bouquet of flowers, and a tiny little garter belt for her groom to remove and toss!

Just recently though, I lost another one of my crochet hooks.  Between the couch eating my hooks, and the children trying to imitate my crochet abilities with their pudgy uncoordinated toddler fingers, I decided that too many of my hooks have gone missing and ordered some new ones.  While I REALLY wanted to get these bamboo crochet hooks (mostly just to try out with my curiosity), and I LOVE this aluminum crochet hook deal (they were all sold out when I was doing my research to get crochet hooks), I finally settled on this incredible deal that also comes with a nifty carrying case.  Only set-back is that these crochet hooks are getting sent out from Hong Kong!  It’s been almost two weeks, and my hooks are just now in New York!  They’ve got to make it south-west to Texas before I leave for the summer.

To summarize everything else: I’m Ba-ack!!!!  Now, I can let the craft-selling information overload loose on your creatively open and eager minds, mwahahaha!

Elsa *inspired* crochet dress pattern

Elsa *inspired* crochet dress pattern

This is *suppose* to be a crochet dress inspired by the intriguing and beautiful Queen Elsa from the Disney’s Movie Frozen. From the polls I’ve taken so far, 100% of people agree that it is GORGEOUS, and only 50% of people agree that it does, indeed, remind them of Queen Elsa. Hhmmnn…I have yet to make up my mind about it, do you have any ideas?

Also: I am needing a few crochet pattern testers who are willing to work with crochet thread to work through this crochet pattern and provide some feedback. If you are interested, please leave a comment below and I will get in touch with you!

Looking for Crochet pattern testers!!!!!!!

Looking for Crochet pattern testers!!!!!!!

Do you like to try out new crochet patterns? Know a little girl who LOVES the Disney Princesses (or her mother?) This is a Cinderella *INSPIRED* disney princess crochet dress pattern. If you are interested in testing, leave a comment here or email me at! I will send you the pattern!

For more information, check out my other blog post (