Purpose of Blogging?

English: Woman selling wood crafts in Tequisqu...
English: Woman selling wood crafts in Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What makes this blog different from all of the other “how to sell your hand-made craftsblogs?  I would love to tell you, that the difference is I am the best.  However, I don’t think that is the case.  There are multitudes of blogs out there that might be better than this one.  I am ok with that.  This blog is different because…well…I don’t think I am the best, and I want to be.  That means I will always keep trying, always work to better myself and this blog, to become better equipped to help you with your problems in this craft-selling business.

I *LOVE* to share my knowledge, and I *LOVE* to create and offer resources to help you better your business.  Selling crafts is exceptionally competitive these days (what with online resources), and I want for each and every one of you to succeed.  Will you all succeed?  I am not going to answer that, because some of you may discover in a little while that selling crafts just isn’t for you.  That is fine, we each have different paths and purposes to fulfill with our lives.

The purpose of this blog is to help you become better at selling hand-made crafts.  There are a ton of ways that you can go about to better your business: blogging, creating new products, social medias…just to name a few, and it can become so overwhelming trying to balance it all.  That is where I step in.  I can offer one-on-one help, when needed, I have a few resources that will be available for you to purchase that can assist, and I offer tips, advice, suggestions, and new pieces of research to help you succeed!

Secretly, the purpose of this blog is to earn a little extra income (every little bit helps these days, right?), but in the process, I most certainly can, and will, help each and every one of you out too!  This is definitely not a 1-way road for me.  Any blog is worthless without some readers.  So, while MY purpose of blogging is to earn some more money, the purpose of THIS blog is to help you out, in any way that I can, in selling your hand-made crafts.


3 thoughts on “Purpose of Blogging?

  1. hi,iam a croheter. i want to sell my crochet items to eorope.i have also given an add in google adwords ,but that is not working well. can you help me in this case.
    thanking you,

    1. Umm-e-furqan,

      Good for you! I am not familiar with Europe as a marketplace, but have you searched for online stores or contacted any local boutiques?

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