Mailing your Doodle Bug drawing

A lot of care and patient went into drawing the perfect picture. In order for FamilyBugs to convert this picture into a stuffed doll, we kind of need it. We need to be able to precisely match colors, and sizing, and proportions. You have the choice to scan and email us the drawing, or mail the drawing to us via snail mail, It would be a right shame if that picture didn’t make it to us in decent fashion. So, we’ve included some *suggestions* that you may choose to follow, or not.

The quickest and easiest for you option is to scan the drawing, and email it to us. We will then print it off in full color and use it to create your doll. There are a lot of stages here that the coloring and sizing can be skewed. If “close enough” is acceptable to you, go for it! If you desire perfection, follow the directions below.

  1. The best option is to photocopy the original drawing. Go to a printing store, have them do it professionally. Make sure that the colors are all right.
  2. Protect the page with plastic. Laminate it, use plastic sheet protectors, whatever suits your fancy.
  3. Use an envelope that will fit the page without having to bend or crease it in any way. You can find document envelopes at Walmart.
  4. Maybe insert some cardboard or other thick card stock into the envelope with your drawing to add some rigidity to the package.
  5. Print in large clear letters “Do Not Bend” on the outside of the package to further discourage the possibility of damages.
  6. Don’t forget to include any notes about the drawing that we may need to make it perfect! Also let us know if you will need the drawing returned.
  7. Address the envelope, stamp it, send it off.
  8. Let us handle the rest. 😇

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