Information Needed For Your Own Doodle Bug

Make notes to clarify what you want from the drawing.

If you have decided to purchase a Doodle Bug, and just want to make sure that FamilyBugs has all of the necessary information to make the perfect Doll, this is a great place to be! Not only do we love creating a precious doll out of your incredible pictures, but we definitely want to get it as close to perfect as we can.

Please provide any additional information you think we may need about the drawing when it is mailed to FamilyBugs. You can make a photocopy to write directly on, use post-it notes, or painter’s tape as shown in the example below.

  • Are there any areas of questionable color? Look closely, sometimes a heavier coloring hand can make it just seem like it’s a darker or even different color.
  • Legs are tricky, do you want them as drawn, or made in 3D so that your doll can stand on its own?
These two animals were drawn in very similar styles. The one on the left has the legs created as-drawn. The one in the right has been made in a more 3D style,
  • What about symmetry? Do you want those ears to be the same on both sides, or should we depict the shape and size differences from the drawing to the doll as well?
  • It’s a flat drawing, so does the other side look exactly the same, or is it different somehow?
  • Are any of the pieces removable? Maybe a hat, or clothing item, or an accessory of some sort.

2 thoughts on “Information Needed For Your Own Doodle Bug

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