Doodle Bug Sizing Requirements

So, there is a drawing that you would like turned into a doll? You have definitely come to the right place! We strive to create a doll as true to the original drawing as possible, and we need a few specifications met so that we can strive as close to perfection as possible!

  • Legs, arms, and appendages must be at least 1 cm in width. We cannot make or stuff anything much smaller than that. If your drawing has some legs that are thinner and some that are fatter, we will make the necessary adjustments within the 1 cm requirement. In the example below, all legs were made the same size. Please, nothing fatter than 8 cm, thank you.

Legs are JUST within the 1 cm width

  • Tails, hair, or other fuzzy additions to the drawing may be thinner. Note that these will not be stuffed and will remain flexible and floppy. If arms, legs, or appendages have been drawn as single lines, they will be recreated as string for the doll.

This tail is flat, and bendy

  • Please, nothing much fatter than 8 cm. That is still a pretty large drawing and doll.

This guy was just under 5 cm

  • We also ask that no body part be much longer than 20 cm. It must all fit on a standard 8.5″x11″ sized piece of paper

His whole body measured out to 16 cm. A perfect size!

  • It is recommended that drawings be made on standard 8.5″x11″ paper sizes
  • If there is a drawing that you just REALLY want converted to a doll, but it is not within our recommended measurements, all is not lost! We will simply charge an additional fee of $30, with 3-days longer processing time.

This elephant was all over a bit too small and had to be adjusted. It is possible, but the proportions of the doll may vary from that of the drawing.

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