May Scripture-Writing Challenge

May 2018

Even though I am continuing to struggle with finding my new sense of normal and balance right now, I certainly did NOT want to miss May’s scripture-writing Challenge Verses. We’ve been trekking on through this year for five months already! The New Year’s enthusiasm has long since worn off — are you still on track with your business-specific resolutions? Those of us in America are reaching the chaos of “end of the school year” and related stress from too many events crammed into too little time. If y’all are anything like me, usually by this time of the year, I’m growing weary and feeling frustrated…especially if I haven’t been seeing traceable progress with my numbers and stats. My time for creating is limited, my multi-tasking abilities are waning thin, I’m probably battling the stress acne and lack of appetite. And usually, I seriously consider giving up altogether.

It was only natural in my little head to declare this month’s theme to be “perseverence”. Only by continuing to persevere will any of us be able to overcome these “middle of the year blues” as I’ve officially dubbed it. As I’ve discussed before, putting God first and keeping Him in the focus will help everything else to fall in place. Hopefully, these verses will help you to persevere in the faith, and in relation, your business as well. Take a deep breath, and remember that God is in control. Now, enjoy these bible verses that I’ve found for you to keep your focus on keeping on and perseverence…everything will be ok  and don’t forget to download your free PDF of May’s #MakersVerses

May 2018

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