April Scripture-Writing

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April 2018

These past couple of weeks have been absolutely insane for me. I found out about a job opportunity in my kids’ school, and in a flurry of paperwork, I have found myself starting my third week as a kindergarten assistant. It is absolutely perfect for me! I’m still planning on creating, as I am able to, but obviously, my available time has been dramatically reduced.

Happy Easter fellow friends! I hope your day has been filled with as much laughter and color as mine has been. We spent the weekend shopping, perusing our favorite store (Barnes and Noble), watching “A Wrinkle In Time”, soaking up some sunshine, and not catching up on sleep. We ate too much good food, threw confetti eggs at each other, showed off our bright new Easter outfits, worshipped our Creator with fellow brothers and sisters, and are now enjoying another viewing of “The Last Jedi”! I call it a successful weekend for sure.

Happy April Fool’s Day as well! How insane has it been celebrating two larger holidays on the same day!? My kids have been playing pranks on each other all weekend and it’s been full of laughter. As far as April Fool’s pranks are concerned, I only have two rules: 1. No one gets hurt, they must be harmless pranks, and 2. No lies, you cannot say something false just to get a reaction and retort “April Fool’s” at the end of it. Good guidelines, I think.

Anyways, April is known as tax season. As a craft entrepreneur, I am all too familiar with how stressful taxes can be. So, this month’s scripture-writing focus, logically, had to be about stress and anxiety. Take a deep breath, and remember that God is in control. Now, enjoy these bible verses that I’ve found for you to keep your focus on peace (oooh, that should be next year’s April challenge topic!), and God’s providence…everything will be ok 🙂 and don’t forget to download your free PDF of #MakersVersesApril

April 2018

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