Yoda inspired Crochet hat

I have a short friend. My short friend just happens to also be a teacher. This teacher has a team that she works with. Her team is planning on Star Wars themed Halloween costumes this year. So, naturally, the shortest member of this team of teachers, my friend, has to be Yoda. She isn’t too thrilled with this idea, but I told her that she just needs to let me Crochet her a hat, and then she can drape a bed sheet around her, and the costume is finished. It’s so easy. Because I love my friend dearly, I knew I couldn’t just make a basic crochet hat for her. I need to make something pretty and feminine, and something that won’t always have Yoda’s pointy ears sticking out of it. Hhmmnn…

First of all, I needed a good yarn. I chose some Caron Simply Soft in dark sage. It’s a nice swampy Yoda color. But not too grody so that she can’t match it with other outfits if she so chooses. I think it’s a nice, neutral green color. Then, I did a ton of research in the lovely world of Pinterest to find a pretty hat pattern. My criteria was pretty strict: single color, pretty texture, no gaping holes, not slouchy, no buttons or flowers, or pompoms.

After about an hour of looking, I finally settled on the diamond ridges hat. It’s a free revelry download, which is always a bonus. But as far as Patterns go, this one was actually pretty complicated. My first complaint is that there is no indication of what hook size to use. I think a small hook will result in a more clearly defined texture, but too small of a hook means it might be a bit small for an adult head. I used a j-hook because it’s one of my favorites. It took three tries before I got ROW 6 to come out to the right stitch count. I’m not even sure I got it right. The written pattern is confusing so I had to rely on the pictures. I really liked how she did the pictures, though. Each new ROW was done in yellow, while the main hat was in blue. It definitely took a lot of time and effort to put all of that together. Overall, I’m not terribly fond of the pattern, and after three tries working on ROW 7, I frogged the whole thing. And continued my search. After spending another hour looking, and not finding anything, I finally decided to just use a hat pattern that I’ve already designed…the sea shell pony tail hat. And instead of leaving the hole at the top for a messy bun, I just added another RND of dc2tog and closed it off.

Now that the hat is finished, it’s off to make the ears. Again, I perused the wonderful world of Pinterest trying to find a free pattern that I liked. Once again, the Pinterest world came up short. I really liked these yoda ears from Bee Mine Crochet, but I’m not willing to pay $5.00 JUST for the ears. I know, I’m a cheapstake. So, once again, I just designed my own. And I’ve included the pattern for those down below. So, instead of attaching the ears directly to the hat, I put them on little green felt rounds, which I then attached to some hair clips, and voila! Removable yoda ears!! I am quite pleased with how it all turned out and know my short little teacher friend is going to love it as well.


RND 1: ch 2, work 5 sc stitches all into the second ch from hook, ss to first to join (5).

RND 2: ch 1, sc all the way around (5), do not ss to first to join, but work around in one continues RND.

RNDs 3-17: inc once for every RND. Final stitch count should be 20

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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