12 Facebook Post Ideas for the Crochet Artist to Increase Fan Engagement

It can be so hard to keep your Facebook fans engaged and constantly coming back for more. Especially with how rapidly the Facebook algorithms seem to be changing these days. I don’t even know how many countless hours I have spent researching Facebook and how to manage my page to get the most benefit. Only to find out that it’s changed just two months later, it is so frustrating.

So, how can you stay on top of it, reach the most people, and be the best crochet-er? Honestly, it all boils down to good posts. That’s really it. You HAVE to have good and relevant posts that interest your fans. Take good pictures, use stock pictures from google, or throw in a video clip for some visual interest. Mostly, just make sure you are creating the right kind of posts and scheduling it for the optimal times. No, you don’t have to use only your pictures. Yes, take advantage of the scheduling! And keep chugging on. You will attract those who are most interested in what you have to offer if you just keep on offering it.

What type of words should you, as a crochet artist, be using in your posts? The simple answer, my friend, is easy: whatever you are working on or have completed. The more complicated answer involves a very extensive list that I am sure you will find helpful 😊 I realize that my title says only 12 Facebook posts, but I’ve actually got so many more posting ideas for you to take advantage of. Just 12 of them are specific to increasing your fan engagement.

All about YOU

  • What’s on your hook?
  • Work-space
  • Yarn storage
  • Completed project
  • Packages getting mailed out
  • New supplies getting shipped in
  • Delicious new yarn
  • Wonderful pattern-designer (FamilyBugs, right?!)
  • Favorite or most-used hook
  • Share a picture and story about a pet (have him wearing your crochet)
  • Donate
  • A picture of yourself/family
  • Other social media sites your on, or link to Etsy shop
  • What has crochet taught you about life!

Encourage Interaction

  • Share a picture, using/wearing my crochet
  • Name my newest doll
  • What do you want to see me make next?
  • What is your favorite piece of crochet you’ve ever seen?
  • Create a color-based poll – which color combo would make the cutest baby blanket?
  • Share a picture of different ways that you could use one of my crocheted hats.
  • Which flower would look best on this purse?
  • I like to Netflix while working, what show/movie do you recommend?
  • Selfie Saturday (bonus points to include crochet)
  • Ask for snack recommendations that are healthy and not messy
  • Would you want to pay more for faster shipping, or wait longer for free shipping?
  • Make a blanket or scarf and have fans pick the next color

Generic Crochet Posts

  • Funny yarn memes
  • Relevant Crochet jokes
  • Show off someone else’s crochet creation – not related to what you make
  • Share another artists non-Crochet creation that can be used with your products
  • .example: this Etsy artist makes gorgeous shawl pins that compliment my shawls perfectly!
  • Business-related wish list
  • Share testimonials
  • Customer spotlight
  • Sneak peaks (be a tease, encourage guessing)

Video Specific

  • Have a child talk about your crochet
  • Make a commercial
  • Illustrate the different uses of your crochet (be silly)
  • Fake news
  • Livestream a crochet (or crafting) event you are attending
  • Mannequin challenge with people wearing or holding your crochet
  • Hang some of your crochet from a ceiling fan (few seconds)
  • Jump in a pile of yarn (few seconds)
  • Have someone cover you with yarn and jump out of it (few seconds)


There are also contest ideas or Facebook parties that can bring an influx of new fans and engagement, but I personally like to steer clear of those. My research indicates that the Facebook people don’t appreciate those and while you might get a sudden influx of interest, it doesn’t last and you end up with less exposure afterwards. Stick to the organic growth. Ask people to invite their friends, or post invitations on your personal page. The interest is out there, it’s just a matter of letting them find you 😊

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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