Do This One Thing To Increase Crochet Amigurumi Sales

Just recently, I started giving all of my crochet creations specific names. For example, instead of “winter Princess”, this particular little beauty is named “Fiona, the winter princess”, and instead of “octopus Crochet Pattern”, I’ve opted for “Pax the Octopus”. And I’ve seen several things happen because of this small change. Several good things that have benefited my business, and I was so surprised at the positive impact, that I just had to share it.

Several years ago, I crocheted a darling little red-head doll for an adoption fundraiser (Sacred Selections). The man who came to get her asked me what her name was. I didn’t have a name for her, the child who will get the pleasure to play with her needs to name her, right? I mean, my children have always given their stuffed animals and dolls their own names. Lots of times, they ignore the given names. Why would I go through the process of choosing a name when it would probably be ignored anyways.

At Christmas, my daughters received some garden fairy’s as a gift. Each of these lovely little dolls came with a name and a bit of their pretend personalities written down on a card. It was charming and delightful, and my girls played according to each fairy’s strengths. Unfortunately, the cards have since been lost and I cannot remember what was written on them. I think that I got this idea then, and it set with me for quite a while until I decided to use it for my crochet dolls and amigurumi creations.

So, I got to thinking: Every single one of my dolls has a personality. I can start to see it as I’m making her. The colors I chose for her hair, along with the style of dress I made for her. I can almost see her coming to life as I make her boots. And sharing what I see in these precious little dolls lets my customers see it as well. She’s not just “another crocheted doll” to me. I spent hours thinking about her in my head. I formed countless loops on my tiny hook for many days creating her. It took way longer than I would have liked to create her luscious hair and then fix it in the perfect style. She means something to me, and if she can mean something to someone else, then I have done my job as an artist.

How Has My Business Been Effected?

The short answer is that I’m getting noticed more now. The shares and likes on Facebook have been through the roof. I’ve finally been able to sell two of my dolls that have previously been sitting in a basket in the corner of my house for months! And when someone wants to make a custom order, they can use her name and ask specifically “I want her to have a crown like Fiona’s, and a braid like Coral’s”. Now I know exactly what to make for them, and they know exactly what my abilities are and how their doll is going to look. And my fans have found the personality additions so personable and charming: “Iris is quiet and shy? She’s the perfect doll for my niece who is also shy!” Giving my dolls a name might be one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business

How Do You Go About Naming Your Own Crochet Amigurumi?

My biggest piece of advise is to keep it simple. I had one lady fall in love with one of my dolls because she had the same name as her daughter. It isn’t a super common name (Lyla), but using an actual name, instead of an outlandish made-up concoction, made her even more delightful and enticing. Try “baby name” websites. I actually used a “mermaid name generator” for Coral. Ask other people, my daughters have definitely helped me name some of my dolls. Say them out loud, try the name on the doll and see if you think it fits with your idea of who she is.

Add a bit of personality. Maybe she is attracted to shiny things or is a bit of a diva. Does she enjoy reading, or is she more of a tree-climber? Keep it short, easy to remember, but positive and delightful. Maybe incorporate her appearance a little bit: she doesn’t need to be wearing clunky boots if she is a delicate dancer. Stay relevant: if her favorite color is pink, why is she wearing blue?


I would love to see what different names you’ve given your own crochet dolls. And how has the addition of personalities given your creations an additional boost?

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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