Becoming full-time

This summer has kicked my butt. And I mean that in the most loving way possible. Summer is my favorite: warm weather, flowy skirts, playing in the water, getting beautifully sun-kissed, no time-watching, sleeping in until 7…I love summer. But this past summer was the most stressed I have ever been in my entire life! I will spare you the long boring details of my summer…I’m glad it’s over wth and there is a different sort of normalcy going on. All of my babies started school last month, and I’m excited for what that means for you guys! Most importantly, this means that now I am working on FamilyBugs as a full-time job.

This is GREAT news for all of you. It means I can write my blog posts with consistency. And I can finally create an email newsletter. And the hook and Yarns are coming out of the closet for some much needed love. All three of my tiny loves started school last month (Kindergarten, First grade, and Second grade…we aren’t going to talk about how hard THAT has been for me), and I’ve been doing some hardcore planning on where to take FamilyBugs this next year as well as what to do to get it there.


First of all, what does “full-time” mean for this blog? It means that my overall business focus is going to be as a Pattern designer, reaching out to fellow crochet artists. There are going to be tutorials, and tips, and tricks, and videos, and some free patterns, and some sneak peaks at patterns you can buy. There is going to be motivation and inspiration for all of you beautiful crochet artists that are feeling bogged down by life. There is going to be questions and answers about how to make your crochet even more beautiful. I’ve got some series posts in the works, and some worksheets, and some printables…lots of good things that you are not gonna wanna miss.

If you are not interested in Crochet patterns, I encourage you to unsubscribe…I do NOT want to be obnoxious, or fill up your inbox with irrelevant “junk”. But if you are a crochet artist, make sure that you DO subscribe, and do not forget to share my blog with your fiber artsy friends, because they will be furious to get left out of what I’ve got to offer you guys!


Grand reopening! Patterns. Patterns. And even more patterns. My plan is to have at least one new pattern every week. Something small that will be quick to work-up. Sometimes free, usually not (I’ve gotta make a living here, to). I’m hoping to revamp my Etsy shop, and take out all of the Disney and Superhero patterns…I don’t think the sales I’ve made from those patterns are worth the legal risk of my entire business and reputation. Copyright laws and all of that deliciousness. Nope, they are gone. All FamilyBugs originals! Mostly amigurumi, dolls, maybe some other tidbits and Newborn goodies. I’m excited and I think you guys should be, too!


Join the FamilyBugs Crochet Facebook group to receive daily tips of the trade, and get first access to my patterns. Also: that will be the best place to get your crocheting questions answered. More interaction and engagement is definitely happening. Giveaways, contests, chances to win exclusive and free patterns, along with the previews into my personal life. Because my kids and dog are awesome, and deserve to be shared šŸ˜Š


That’s right. I’ll be creating YouTube videos along the way. All of my live videos (that will be happening through my Facebook group) will be going on my YouTube channel for you to enjoy time and time again. With tutorials, free patterns, motivation and inspiration, and just for fun. And I am going to be diving a little bit deeper into the world of stop motion animation. It fascinates me how a series of pictures can create a sense of movement. So, you can expect short, monthly stop motions, and even a longer, more involved one coming soon!


I’ve got events scheduled in my mobile planner (that I will probably talk about in a later post), and way too much free time on my hands. Hope you guys are ready to become better artists. And don’t you dare forget to subscribe to the blog so that you don’t miss a single bit of it šŸ˜†

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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