Telling Tuesday’s – Buttons

We all have one: a giant container. A recycled cookie tin, or maybe a cleaned-out butter or icecream tub. That is full of odds and ends buttons. Shaped buttons, colored buttons, small buttons, large buttons, glass buttons, plastic buttons, metal buttons. The beautiful world of buttons. Ever wondered what to do with all of those buttons? I mean, you can’t use them on a garment; there aren’t enough matching ones. Never fear! This week’s link-up is full of delicious button things for you to dream about ☺


There are so many cute and adorable ways to recycle buttons for necklaces, brooches, rings, hair pieces, and so many more.

Button link-upButton link-upButton link-up
These button necklaces from PiperLondonUK are so cute, and would make the perfect gift for any seamstress or sewing dabbler.

How precious are these tassel button earrings by VintageOoakDesigns?

And finally, the snap button charms from SnapButtonJewelry are just gorgeous! We all know how much I just adore colors.


As the world of Pinterest continues to explode, we see more and more beautiful diy art works. Buttons are, of course, not to be excluded!

Button link-up     Button link-up     Button link-up
The Ladybug is obsessed with elephants, so you know I have to debut these adorable button elephants by Cool Creativities.

Changing My Marbles shows us how to make our own button letter canvasses.

With Beauty and the Beast coming out, I just had to show case this Belle silhouette. Designed4Her has several of the Disney princesses as button wall art.


As always, I have to dedicate an entire section of my link-up to the beauty of crochet!

Button link-up     Button link-up     Button link-up
Craft Bits shows us how to crochet our own buttons…how easy and versatile are these?!

Emily Flower made these vintage-ey button flowers that are just precious!

Then I can’t forget to showcase how Elvee Dickenson has used buttons to take a simple crochet cloche and step it up in the cuteness realm.

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