Crochet Fauxy Fox Pattern

Fox Crochet PatternIt only took me six hours to make the newest Family Bugs creation! That’s about two and a half days of work for me. Then, it took an additional week to perfect it and get the pattern ready to publish for you guys! And naturally, during that time sickness struck our family hard, the baby was extra fussy and clingy, I got behind on laundry, and I didn’t have any blog posts scheduled ahead of time. I mean, Murphy’s laws will get you each and every time!! But, let’s get back to Fauxy the Fox. I am in love!! ❤

The story: Last year my charming Mother-in-law was oohing and awing at the crochet Slippers I had made for my mom. See, every year for Christmas, I make my mom a new pair of slippers to keep her naturally cold toes warm. It’s become a tradition for us. I might spend weeks perusing the online universe for the perfect Slippers to crochet (sometimes, she gets two pairs!). And as my mother-in-law was admiring my work, I realized that she would probably appreciate a similar tradition with me. I know, I’m just the most thoughtful daughter-in-law EVER!! And ever since she moved to Fox Avenue, she’s been obsessed with foxes. Like, ridiculously obsessed. 🦊 So after a bit of brainstorming and some research, I decided to create a whole little woodland-themed family for her to display. She’s into stuff like that. So, this year, her collection starts with Fauxy the Fox.

I was even able to make her so she can wear the doll clothes that I also design…so, BONUS! She measures about 14″ in height, and is just perfect for small children to play with, or adults to display. I’m actually making another one for an infant who will be born this summer! Crocheted in the round, using basic crochet stitches makes Fauxy the fox a perfect challenge for beginners…not too dificult to figure out, but with a few new stitches thrown in.

You can go to my Etsy shop to find the pattern!

Stitches used

  • Fox Crochet PatternChain
  • Single crochet
  • Single crochet 2 together (sc2tog)
  • Increase (2 single crochet worked into the same stitch)
  • Slip stitch

Materials needed

  • Crochet hook size E
  • Worsted weight yarn in desired colors (main fox color, brown, white, and additional color choice)
  • Safety eyes and nose (the bigger the better)
  • Stuffing of choice (I prefer polyfil)

As always, I DO give permission for crochet artists to sell anything made from my Patterns, but please do not copy or redistribute the pattern itself. If you have any questions about Fauxy the Fox, feel free to send me an email (, and I will try to get back to you quickly!

The pattern can be found HERE

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