Crochet Elephant Pillow and Rug Pattern Review

I don’t normally use other people’s patterns. I can make my own, and usually do. Whenever someone asks me for a new crochet something, that is my excuse to come up with a new design/pattern. In fact, about 35% of my crochet Patterns have been generated in this manner. A small number of times, however, I have purchased someone else’s crochet Patterns. Whether because I was under a time crunch and wouldn’t be able to design something new in time, or because there was a new stitch involved, or constructional element that I couldnt figure out by just looking at the available images, or I just wanted to respect the designer for the hard work she already did for me!

Crochet Pattern reviewRight before Christmas, I had someone request this elephant pillow and rug set from IRAROTT patterns. I mean, look at how adorable these are!! I was so swamped with Christmas preparations, filling Crochet orders, planning presents for everyone, and there was no way I could have duplicated those intricate designs without the pattern. So, I took a deep breath and bought both of them! It was the best thing that I could have done. Not only to improve my skill as a crochet artist, but these patterns are so well-written and beautifully designed, that I learned quite a bit in the process.

Of course I did my research before-hand, and looked up reviews, checked out the feedback left for this designer, and read all of her policies (it’s the responsible thing to do). Then I picked up my hook and yarn and got to hooking.

One of the best elements of this pattern is the plethora of pictures included. I had a little trouble with the rug elephant’s ears, but by looking at the pictures and graph(!) I was able to figure it out.

Two things that I did change for the pillow: I held two strands together when making the elephant’s head. Using such a large hook for such a large pillow and just one strand of the yarn I chose would have resulted in a really loose fabric. The stuffing would be peeking through, and I just don’t think that’s a very professional look at all! I did not do this with the elephant’s trunk, and had to go back and ss around the dc stitches in an attempt to tighten the fabric. Hopefully you can’t tell how lumpy it is.

Blocking! One of the most loathsome crochet elements known to mankind was a vitally important step in making the rug. I don’t have a before picture (unfortunately), but the ears for the rug were ridiculously bunched and wonky. It required some serious stretching, pulling, and pinning to shape properly. I cannot say if this was designer’s error or creator’s error. Probably the latter. Like I mentioned before, the ears gave me some trouble.

The end result (as you can see from my picture) is gorgeous, though! Definitely worth my time and effort. My customer LOVED it, and is even using it for some monthly pictures of her infant daughter. I highly recommend IRAROTT patterns for your crochet rug needs. Several cute cute cute rugs and matching pillows available.

Crochet Pattern reviewCrochet Pattern review

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