Keeping Track of Projects – free printable!


I’ve been designing crochet Patterns for Three years now. One pattern can easily take me several weeks from the day I start hooking until the day I hit that terrifying “publish” button. I’m sure you know all to well how much can happen and change in just a few days, not to mention several weeks! One of my constant complaints is the overload of ideas paired with the overwhelming lack of time. Even now I have an idea I’m itching to start, but I’ve got two other projects in queue already.

Or what about those really good ideas that you struggle to execute? I don’t know about you guys, but I have several works-in-progress that still seem like really good ideas. After working on them for a while and not getting very far, I put them up to let them simmer. Usually, I never come back to them and end up throwing away the pieces when I clean out my craft closet. There must be a better way!

While I prefer to Sell Crochet patterns, I still have way too much inventory that I need to get rid of. Every occasionally, I have flash sales to get rid of these for a little profit. The only problem is when someone asks for a similar product like the one I just sold. Unless I’ve written down the pattern (which I only do 50% of the time) it is impossible to duplicate. So what do I do then? Usually I wing it.

To solve all of these problems, I Designed a simple worksheet, dubbed the Crochet Project Tracker! You can record all of your information about any given project and keep records of it all: pattern source, hook size, who you are making it for, the yarn you are using, any changes you’ve made to the pattern, and so much more. There’s even some motivation thrown in there to keep you going when you want to quit…but not really give up. Just click the image below to download your free copy and print off as many as you need!


Disclaimer: this is my first printable, so please be patient as I perfect my process. Give me some feedback so that I can make future printables better! Or some requests of needed crochet worksheets that you would love to utilize ☺️

As always, thank you for the support, and please do not redistribute these. They are for personal use only.

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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