Happy New Years!

Whew, boy! The last several months have been stuffed, and I am only now getting a chance to sit down and relax and create a business plan for this next year. I have been stressed beyond my max and even had a few meltdowns (which is pretty rare for me since I overcame my postpartum depression four years ago). There have been two days, TWO, in the last four months that we didn’t have somewhere to go or something to do.
The dog has mange that requires 2-3 special baths weekly, and spraying twice daily. We added some guinea pigs to the family, and while they are old they desperately need a larger housing unit, and require full cage cleanings twice a week. Mr. Beetle is PTO president and Fundraisers were back-to-back and even overlapped a little. There were Halloween costumes and parties, thanksgiving feasts and activities, Christmas gifts and crafts, secret sister get togethers. School programs and functions and performances. And a little girl that I’ve been keeping 2-3 days a week (I’m tempted to call her “little flea” on this blog, but for kindness sake, you will know her as “Tiny Ant”) up to this point she’s been real high maintenance and has hindered my productivity greatly. Ladybug has been a real trooper, though, trudging along with me everywhere, but even she hit her overflow point a few times. Grasshopper even felt some of the stress as he struggled with insomnia (a 7/yr/old needs a lot more than 6 hours of sleep at night!) which resulted in melt-downs at school. He wore my Fitbit for two weeks while we worked with him to get him to sleep at night. I’ve not been able to make it to the gym once since school started, and I’m feeling the pudge and tightness for sure! What little time I’ve had available, I’ve been crocheting as fast and furiously as I am able…to the point of irritating my wrist. So, now I sleep in an immobilizing brace. The house had to be completely spotless, because the charming Dragonfly (my MIL) was not able to take care of our pets while we traveled for Christmas, so we had one of the college students house-sitting.

Are you done listening to me complain yet? Because I certainly feel a lot better for having written that all out. Thank you for listening 😀. It sure is good to be home, and to be sitting in my own space, with no upcoming responsibilities looming over me, with my sweet Pixie Dust curled up at my feet (her fur is growing back in, btw, and she doesn’t itch hardly at all anymore). 

Christmas was good to me this year. Or should I say that my cherished ones were good to me for Christmas? I got some clothes, and some house decorations, and pretty new yarn, and new running shoes, and the most surprising thing: Mr. Beetle got me an iPad Pro 😍😱 So while I should be taking Christmas down this morning, I am playing, and planning, and utilizing my new business investment! My 10-yr-old MacBook is on its way out the door, and I now am “burdened” with the task of transfering all of my crochet patterns/images/research to my iPad. I suspect it will be a slow and laborious process, but a necessary one so I do not lose all of my hard work from the past five years.

So what’s in the plans for this upcoming year?

  • An overhaul of all of my existing patterns
  • New patterns
  • A YouTube channel
  • More regular blog/instagram posts
  • Increasing my email list/newsletter
  • Maybe some facebook live if I get brave enough

It’s gonna be a great year full of tips, tutorials, advice, and you don’t wanna miss out!

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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