Family Bugs, A Narrative

It’s 6:00 in the morning. The house is dark, quiet, and cold. She yanks the covers off, sits up and shivers. Yes, it is very early, but she knows that she is not going to be able to get back to sleep. That’s just not how she works. Once she wakes up, that’s it, she’s awake, and it’s best for her to go ahead and get up and maybe get some work done. So, she peers through the darkness to find her favorite Batman Hoodie, dons it, and trudges into the messy bathroom.

“Oh, yes.” She thinks to herself, “there’s a lot of house-work to get done today.” Then, she goes through the to-do list in her head: Clean bathroom, work on laundry, clean den, don’t forget to vacuum, frost 80 sugar cookies, work on crochet foxes, maybe get to master-bedroom…but probably not.

Making her way out into the den, she pauses and looks around. Where to start? No one else is awake yet, so she decides to take advantage of the quiet and non-demanding time to try to crank out at least one more fox. So, she sets it up: Plug in hot glue gun, find crochet hook, locate the right yarn amidst the pile of ongoing projects, turn on pandora because it’s just too quiet, and flip open computer/pattern. She hears the dog stirring in the other room, “I gave her a bath yesterday, but her constant itching is driving me bonkers! Wonder if she would benefit from another bath today, or is that too close together?” She wonders as she repeats yarn over, pull through, yarn over pull through, yarn over, pull through.

Her phone chimes, and of course she has to stop what she’s doing to check the notifications. She hasn’t done that yet today. Then there is her current game with the daily bonuses. Ooh, a new blog follower, that’s always exciting. Distractions. She remembers that she is suppose to be taking advantage of this rare time, and gets back to work.

Her Mr. Beetle snore’s rather loudly from the bedroom, and she fights back the twinge of annoyance and maybe a little jealousy that he is still asleep and she isn’t. She is almost done with a fox-head when she hears the familiar sound of a door opening. That would be the little grasshopper waking up to start the day. It’s a bit early for him to be awake, she would have preferred if he slept for another 30-minutes. She knows, however, that he really just wants some screen time, and this is the best part of the day to get it. So, when he trudges out and asks, she lets him. It’s not a big deal.

img_2702By the time she gets the fox’s ears put on, and the eyes and nose embroidered, the ladybug and bumblebee are awake and watching the boy play. It is now 7:30, probably time to make breakfast. She finishes the little fox she is working on, and gets up to make pancakes for the sweet little ones. It’s the go-to Saturday breakfast. Sometimes she adds in peanut butter or cocoa powder, but today is just “plain” pancakes.

img_2679Everyone enjoys the deliciousness of sweet syrupy goodness, and then breakfast is over. She cleans off the table, puts everything away, and starts making powdered sugar icing for the sugar cookies. She outlines the pumpkins, and works on some laundry while that is drying. Then, she fills in the pumpkins, and outlines the oak leaves, and does some more laundry. She fills in the oak leaves, outlines the maple leaves, and the laundry is almost finished. She finishes up the sugar cookies, finishes up the laundry, puts most of it away, and straightens up the living room. *sigh* it never ends, the floor got swept yesterday and there is already dust, grass bits, dirt, and other debris in various nooks and crannies. How about an email-checking break? Yeah, that sounds nice. Oooh, a friend just messaged her!! They collaborate and schedule a good time to call and check-up with each other.

Lunch time, already! She puts some corn dogs in the oven for the little ones, and heats up some left-over soup for herself. At least it’s yummy and nutritional soup. Mr. Lovely puts on some batman cartoons and she takes advantage of the mental break to peruse pinterest. So many wonderful things that people make and share with the world! The little ones go down for their rest times, and she gets back to making more foxes. She needs to crank 13 of these little buggers out in just a few short days. The deadline is fast approaching. She wonders if she’s bitten off a bigger bite than she can chew. But, she’s already committed, and so she puts her nose to the grindstone and crochets as fast as she is able to.

All too quickly rest time is over with, and she gets up and proceeds to clean up her yarn mess. It tends to get a bit out of control when she’s got a huge order or project to work on. Especially if there are multiple colors involved like the foxes require. The floors are next on her list, so she vacuums, and sweeps, and mops the bathroom. Mr. Beetle has been working diligently with all three little bugs to coerce them into getting their own bedrooms cleaned. It’s always an ongoing struggle as any young mother will attest to. Last thing to do at about 4:45 is to light the candles, and everyone is ready for some dear friends to come over for a movie night.

Quesadillas for dinner, and then popcorn while watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1. These two families have been getting together all summer to go through the Harry Potter movies. It’s been a great way to form even closer bonds with these fellow servants in Christ. Such simple traditions become such welcomed breaks from the common stresses of every-day life. By the time the movie is over with, and the littles are in bed, she is exhausted and ready for bed herself. So, at 10:30 in the evening, she succumbs to the sweet surrender of sleep, and another day has come and gone.

What a successful, productive, and beneficial day she was able to experience. All because of the unending grace of the good LORD, who not only created another beautiful day, but orchestrated her life in such a way so to allow such a day to even be possible to begin with. To HIM be all the glory forever and ever amen!


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