Crochet Hat Display, DIY

I know that there are tons of ideas online on pinterest and google of how to display your hand-crafted hats at a craft show. I am sure that the idea that I am about to tutorial below is not original to the brain of Family Bugs. However, there is no possible way that I could even trace back to where I got the idea from, and even more impossible the track back to the original creator of this idea. So, without further ado…here is my hat display.

  1. Get some cute little globe-shaped vases from the dollar store (newborn sized hats fit these so perfectly).
  2. Coerce Mr. Lovely to drink some coffee flavored beverage (or, if you appreciate these kind of drinks, by all means, guzzle it down yourself!).
  3. Hot glue the globe vase to the coffee jar. While not necessary, this insures that the globe does not get dislodged during transport or while the hats are coming off and on.
  4. Wrap it up in the yarn of your choice. Or paint it. Or paper mache some cute scrapbook paper. Just cover it up and make it look pretty.
  5. Add the hat, and your finished!

Pretty simple, and pretty low-cost. Which is perfect for a craft-show. This particular display is going to work better for me than my previous display for a lot of reasons. First of all, it’s a little bit sturdier, being glass instead of Styrofoam. Secondly, I only have two different kinds of hats for this particular show: Poke ball hats, and pikachu hats, I didn’t need a display with 6 different stands. Although that could add an interesting element to my overall display, it isn’t what I was going for. So, I’ve got my two little stands, and in front of each stand I will have my stacks of hats (in all sizes), and it’s going to work out perfectly!

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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