When the Muse has left

In Greek mythology, the muses are daughter’s of Zeus and the inspirational givers. These breathtakingly beautiful women inspired and encouraged men to create. Most of the time, I have no problem with ideas. In fact, I usually have so many ideas that I cannot keep track of them all. But sometimes, ever so occasionally, my muses leave and I am left in a funk with no idea of what to create next. Have you ever been there? Hopefully, these tips will help you find your muse once again!

Go for a walk. It may sound basic. Too basic to be helpful maybe. But oftentimes, I find inspiration in nature if I just take the time to appreciate it. The way that butterfly’s colors mesh together, or the sound of that bird mixed with the cicadas, or maybe the texture of the bark of that tree.

Exercise. What? This has absolutely nothing to do with your brain and finding motivation again. Well, you are only partially wrong. Endorphin’s, my friend. Wonderful endorphin’s are released into your brain while you are exercising. Plus, it doesn’t take a whole lot of brainpower to move your body, and while doing a seemingly mindless activity, your brain is free to wonder. Cue the creative juices!

Get on Pinterest. A majority of my ideas come from pinterest. Here’s the kicker, don’t look for ideas on your particular craft. Chances are, you’ve already seen most of those anyways. Just peruse. Check out home decor, search for cute animal memes, research Christmas gift ideas. I think you’d be surprised at where this will lead you.

Ask someone else. There are three ways that I like to involve others in my crafting process.

  1. Straight out asking. I have had several conversations with my mother, in particular, just coming right out and asking her “I need ideas on what to make next, what you got for me?”
  2. What’s on your facebook wall? If your friends are anything like my friends, then they are in the habit of posting cute things related to your craft on your facebook wall. Take note, this is what they find interesting.
  3. What are the kids playing with? One year for Christmas, I made some crocheted dolls for my kids. Not only are they still playing with these dolls rather fervently three years later, but I have gone on to specialize in making dolls for my business.

Go shopping. Yes, it is quite therapeutic, but you can also get ideas from what big time stores are putting up for sale. These items have been tested, marketed, and proven to be successful.

That’s only a few ways that I have found to combat the dreaded Crafter’s Block. What do you do? I would sure love to hear some more!


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