Interviewing Family Bugs Designer, Sarah

Hi there, my name is Sarah, I am an avid crochet-er and I see my crochet to supplement my husband’s income. While I prefer to design patterns because of the short-term involvement and long-term pay-out, I also enjoy creating custom work for my fans. I am very good at interpreting and creating easy-to-read patterns, and all of my work involves lots of pictures for further ease of understanding. My goal for each and every pattern is to create something aesthetically pleasing that even the most beginner of crochet artists can follow. Crochet is a beautiful and relaxing art, and I believe that everyone should be able to appreciate and enjoy the process.

My customers are of utmost importance to me, and I freely provide my personal email to create relationships and quickly resolve any issues that may surface concerning my patterns. I am ashamed to admit that some of my earlier patterns were a bit archaic and sloppy, but I am quick to fix any and all glitches as soon as I know about them.

There is nothing more comfortable and perfect than finally getting a chance to sit down on my couch with deliciously fuzzy socks, my legs crossed under me, a smooth cold hook in hand, with some beautiful yarn, popcorn (or even better frozen M&M’s), and something wonderful on netflix. Maybe my computer is next to me for pattern-writing, maybe I’m just creating for the joy of it. That’s a perfect night right there!

Some day, if I ever build up the courage, I will contact a cute little boutique and offer some of my work for sale there. Or better yet, find an antique store that will let me set up my own little corner of the store! During the summer, my mom took me to this perect little shop, and it would be so much fun to set-up a space with her (you should check her out on etsy as well, she makes CUTE monogramed towels and pillow cases that are just perfect for gifts, LetterMeCute).

The best part of crochet-ing is the therapy and relaxation the repetitive stitches offer. I also love bringing joy to other people in the form of my patterns and finished products. The worst part of crochet-ing is having to rip out the last 10 ROWs for the 15th time, because I just can’t get the structure to come out right. Overall though, I can definitely say that crochet is my favorite art-craft to experience!


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