A Crafter’s Prayer

Dear God and Creator of all things,

You are the master craftsman, able to create the most beautiful landscapes with some of the most breathtaking colors. Fitting together the entire world as an intricately woven tapestry of perfection. Creating life itself to flow and ebb throughout everything. Any talent that I may entertain, came first from You and Your magnificence, oh LORD! Anything that I may create is pale and simple compared to the magnitude of Your own creations. Even my greatest work of art, is but a speck of sand. After all, You created even the tools that I use, the colors in all of their vibrancy that I could not ever hope to mimic, and the mediums that I sloppily slather together in a vain attempt to achieve “cute”.

Thank you for giving me the talent of crafting. There are so many who do not possess the ability to craft even the simplest of projects, and yet You had the care and consideration to gift me with such an ability. Also: for the joy that You created within me for crafting. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication for me to develop this talent that You have gifted me, and without that pleasure, I would not have had the will to do so.

It is not always clearly evident as to how I can use this talent, so I ask that you please show me. Allow me the clarity to see where my abilities are needed and to know how I can serve You better. There are opportunities that You have created, chances for me to shine my light as not only a crafter, but as one of Your precious children. I ask that you please show me those outlets, and give me the ability to recognize it as such. You have given me my crafting talent, and now I ask that You show me how to glorify You all the more with it!

In Your Son’s most almighty and ultimately creative name that I pray,



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