DIY Doll Display

I am getting ready to participate in my fourth craft show. Every year it seems that I have a different set of crochet creations to display. The first year that I participated in this craft show, my business had just started, and I hadn’t established a niche and frankly I wasn’t even very talented. I had a huge inventory of odds and ends, a TON of hats (like really, there were a lot of hats), and I managed to turn a profit. While several of those first hats are still around (and have been given to my mother-in-law to sell in turn), the focus of my crochet business has changed. I no longer advertise the creation of products such as hats, blankets, scarfs, etc. Now, I sell crochet patterns, and the need to sell items has diminished greatly. I now use the local annual craft show to get rid of the excess inventory that I’ve accumulated over the previous year due to the designing process. This year, I have dolls. I think I counted upwards of 15 finished crochet dolls (each very unique and one of a kind), patterns for most of them are available in my etsy shop. But with these, I needed a creative and clever way to display them.

I searched. I scoured. I consulted. And I came up empty. How could no one have already created a perfect way to display crochet dolls at a craft show before? I brainstormed. I experimented. I succeeded! Maybe not the most creative and original way to display my dolls, but with the limited resources and funds that I have available, and the “simple streamlined” feel that I am aiming for, I am very pleased with what I have come up with.

The supplies needed are not much, and can be found at wal-mart or any local craft store:

  • Dowel rods
  • Hot glue
  • Yarn or paint in desired colors
  • Good scissors or knife for cutting the dowel rods
  • The dolls that are going to be displayed (for sizing)

That’s it! Really, you don’t even have to use the yarn or paint if you don’t want to. I’ve seen several “raw” displays that are very chic. So, you gather up all of your supplies, curl up with your electric blanket on the highest setting available, turn on netflix for a Psych binge (before netflix removes it in just a few weeks), and create these perfect doll stands!

  1. Cut two pieces of dowel rod that is the length of the doll’s feet to armpit.
  2. Cut two pieces of dowel rod that is the width of the doll’s chest.
  3. Cut two pieces of dowel rod that are just long enough for the doll to rest her arms on.
  4. Glue all of the pieces together as shown. Make a rectangle, and then attach the two shortest pieces to the same side.
  5. Wrap with yarn OR paint as desired.

img_2365And there you have it, perfect little stands for your dolls. These stands use the doll as a counterweight, and they actually lean quite perfectly. I am going to be setting mine up on a bookshelf, so that I can create interest and height. I have used the bookshelf several years now, and love how the lower shelves are perfect for children’s viewing pleasure (since my target is little children and their parents).

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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