Contents of the Purse

  • I’ve heard it mentioned that you can tell a lot about a woman by what she carries around in her purse. I don’t know if that is scary or wonderful. Carrying on with the idea of “Featuring Family Bugs on Friday”, how does it sound if we dive into the contents of my purse, and find out just what kind of a person Sarah from Family Bugs is?
  • Wallet – This contains driver’s license, PayPal card, debit card, credit card, library card, a bit of change, and all of our social security cards. Basic necesseties required to get along with day-to-day activities
  • Pens galore – Writing is an important part of life. Write down ideas, fill out forms, let my children draw and scribble to keep them distracted, make lists, etc.
  • Minty Gum – Fresh breath is wonderful. But mostly, I like to chew on gum when I’m working out…it keeps my stomach settled and gets me to drink the perfect amount of water.
  • Fruity Gum – For the kids, who don’t like minty gum.
  • Phone – Communication, business, entertainment, distraction, etc.
  • Earbuds – Girl likes her music!
  • An odd toy – Hhmmnn…yeah.
  • Bandaids – Preparedness! I keep bandaids and some antibiotic cream in my purse at all times. There have been so many times when we are just walking along the sidewalk and one of the children will trip and stumble and bloody mess! So, I keep bandaids on hand always.
  • Pearl jewelry set – Really, I just took them off one day after I was done wearing them and stuck them in my purse. But let’s just pretend that it means I like fancy things amidst the day-to-day of life 🙂

It really isn’t much at all…I’m a minimalist that likes to keep things simple and to the point.What do the contents of your purse say about you?

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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