How To Buy Hand-Made Crafts

One of my biggest pet peeves about selling my crafts online is bad customers. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that the customer is always right. I would never come right out and tell the customer that they are being ridiculous. And I would never tell anyone else that a customer is being ridiculous…that’s just downright unprofessional. I try my best to always put on a show of being polite, pleasant, and professional. But I sure will complain to my husband about the customer, and I sure will fume inside of my little brain. Some people are just infuriating. So how do you make a good customer?

  1. Know what you want before ordering.
  2. Be familiar with what the artist is capable of. It is very difficult to turn down orders.
  3. Express what you want with clear and precise words. We don’t want to bombard you with questions about what you want, and we sure are not going to guess and assume.
  4. Realize that computer screens are sometimes a little off with their coloring.
  5. Be familiar with shipping and return policies.
  6. Know that orange and pink are just not good colors together…ever!
  7. If you start asking about a custom order, please follow it through. Sometimes, we start working on it before the plan is finalized, and we don’t like having our time wasted.
  8. Leave positive feedback. When applicable, of course!

I have got some pretty incredible stories about some customers. Some are great, and some are just downright frustrating! I sure would love to hear some of your stories…and maybe some more tips as to what makes a good customer đŸ™‚


Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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