A Mailing List?! What!?

For a long long time, I have wanted to put together a mailing list for my business. I am constantly cranking out new patterns, searching for pattern testers, and photographers who are willing to exchange props for photos. I know the benefits of having a mailing list. I just haven’t ever done it, or managed to figure out how to add it to this blog. I guess part of me was hoping that Mr. Lovely would swoop in to my rescue and do it for me…but that was a silly notion, and I realize that I need to know how to figure these things out on my own. So, to start off!

Hopefully, a pop-up just asked if you wanted to be added to my list. Or rather, it asked as soon as the page got loaded up. Kind of exciting right?! There are three different lists that I am building, because the last thing I want to do is bombard your email with useless things! I mean, if you are a pattern tester, you fosho don’t want “photography opportunities” to clutter up your inbox. This way, I can reach out to exactly what I am looking for without being obnoxious and overbearing!

So, if you are a photographer, who is interested in exchanging props for photos, sign up!! I will send out an email the next time I am in need of something. Hint: It should be fairly soon…after I finish Alice in Wonderland, I’m going to be working on another Disney Princess!

And if you are a pattern tester who is interested in critiquing my patterns (FOR FREE!) then sign up! I’ll need a few more testers to finish up Alice in Wonderland.

And for those of you looking for new and fresh crochet patterns to play with, sign up! I’m hoping to finish my Eeveelution dolls fairly soon as well, and I know those are lots of fun to play with!


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