6 Benefits of Selling Your Crafts

It can be insanely scary to offer your crafty products for sale. I know, I spent way longer than I should’ve teetering on that edge of “to sell or not to sell”. You spend hours pouring yourself into an item, it is a part of who you are, and you expose it to the world to be judged and ridiculed as they see fit. Will anyone like it? What if they hate it? What if it never sells? But have you even considered the benefits of selling your crafts?

  1. Earn extra income. I don’t know anyone who would argue the benefits of having a little extra $$ on hand!
  2. Ease of selling these days. There are dozens and tens of dozens of online venues that are all fairly easy to use. Not to mention the public stores who will gladly offer your products for commission.
  3. Work for yourself. When you want, how you want. I work as a part-time crafter, because most of my time is spent on my family, house, and other responsibilities that I’ve picked up over the years. I have heard tales of people who manage to sell their craft full-time and fully support their family with it. But that’s the beauty of working for yourself!
  4. The desire is high. Hand-made gifts are in high demand right now. There’s just something quaint about something that was made with love and care that is becoming more valued than commercialized products. For example, my crocheted dolls cannot be found anywhere else in the world…each of them are one of a kind, which increases their value and attractiveness to sellers. Heirlooms that can be passed down for generations.
  5. Start-up cost is virtually nothing. Chances are, whatever you are wanting to sell, has been a hobby of yours for a long time, and you already have most (if not all) of the creation materials on hand. Setting up shop online costs mere dollars (free for some sites), and listing fees are mere cents (also free for some sites). The risk is very low.
  6. Personal growth. While on the road of discovery with selling your crafts, you can learn a lot about yourself and grow a lot in the process. You learn how to deal with customers (if you don’t already have experience in that area). Or maybe you figure out how to balance your books. You can narrow your craft down to a specific niche and learn more about what you like to do and how you like to create.

I could easily get into the specifics of the benefits of selling online, and even more specific to the benefits of selling on etsy. And the like, but that isn’t the point of this post. I know very well how scary it can be to expose one of your hand-made products to the world. However, I also know of the benefits of being able to take that leap. Will all of your products be wildly successful right off the bat? Probably not! I still have listings that never even got a second glimpse, and if my memory serves, it took 3 months before I made my first sell. Flexibility and perseverance are all important characteristics to exhibit when selling your hand-made crafts. I think that it is all worth it, though!

Can you think of any other benefits that have or might come from selling? I would sure love to hear some stories about things you have learned about yourself or about selling crafts!!

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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