Where Do I Find Inspiration?

Every great artist has a muse. Throughout history, artists have been inspired by the presence of certain other people in their lives that motivated them to create their best work. Something or someone or somewhere that gives them the inspiration to make something new and incredible and beautiful. George Balanchine invented some of his greatest ballets for Suzanne Farrell, the dancer he called “my alabaster princess.” Martin Scorsese has used the same group of actors — Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel — as vehicles for his cinematic vision.

So, who is Family Bug’s inspiration? Probably a lot of different sources that all combine and work together to give new ideas and even motivation. Hopefully, by writing them out for you guys, I can help you find your own muse and inspiration. I know that it is easy to get “in a rut”, so maybe I can give you the tools to get out of your rut and on to creating again!

IMG_0765My children: So very often they give me the ideas to create something new. I made the crochet princess dresses for my girls (who are still very into the Disney Princesses). The Pokedoll patterns were influenced by the release of PokemonGo! And my children’s fascination with the adorable little fighting creatures.

Other family members: Every Christmas I make at least two pairs of crochet slippers for my mom. It’s a tradition that started 3 years ago, and she looks forward to getting new ones every year. I am planning on creating a blanket for my grandmother for Christmas this year as well. And naturally, I create patterns out of each of these crochet projects.

Customers: My favorite is when a customer makes a request for something. I have learned so much about crocheting from these custom orders. Structural stitches, and a lot of interesting things about what I can do with crocheted products.

Friends: As my business has continued to grow and I have been pegged as a professional, I get tons of people posting pictures and ideas to my facebook wall. I love it! Each and every one of them. Sure, it isn’t anything new that I am seeing, but knowing that someone else likes it and thought it worthy enough to share with me is something that I stick into my mind and come back to regularly.

Other Crochet Artists: I get ideas from other patterns sometimes. Always being careful to never copy other designers (I wouldn’t dare!), but I have learned some new techniques and structural tips from working off of other patterns. I also learned how to write patterns by studying these great designers who came before me!

Those are my greatest sources of inspiration. Well, how about it? Where do you find your inspiration?


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