Behind the Scenes of Family Bugs

I have done a ton of research on social medias, and how to grow my little crochet business through them. For me, this includes the blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, twitter, LinkedIn, and probably a whole bunch more that I’m forgetting off the top of my head. Every single one of the guides and tips and suggestions that I come across for every single one of these platforms say to “be a real person” and not just a business. Especially as a hand-crafty business. Apparently, that is one of the beauties of being a hand-crafty business.

During July I focused on my Instagram account, and hosted a daily challenge. That was a lot of fun and I grew my Instagram following quite a bit (and increased sales of my crochet patterns!). I definitely recommend doing an Instagram challenge of your own if you are looking to grow your following, increase your branding, and/or get more sales. Just search on Pinterest for different ideas, and what I did is to pick and choose which ones were valid for my crochet pattern selling (because some of the ideas just did not work with what I was trying to do).

September is going to be crazy busy for Family Bugs, and I am hoping to be able to complete a blog challenge to dive a little further into me and the person (family) that is behind Family Bugs. Obviously, there will be crochet tidbits and selling crafts tidbits, and stuff about my awesome children, and incredible husband. Family Bugs is a person, who cares deeply, and is passionate about what she does, and I think you guys deserve to know a little bit about her.


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