Social Media Challenge (July 2016)

With the cost of living continuing to increase as my children become older, Mr. Lovely is feeling more and more of a burden to provide for his little family of bugs. My job as the queen butterfly is to lessen his burden as much as I possibly can. I am kind of fond of him and don’t know what I would do if the stress of life detiorated his health too much. A couple of years ago I started my crochet business and it has slowly evolved and developed into the pattern store that it is now. With a dollar here and a dollar there, my “hobby” of designing crochet patterns has indeed lessen the burden that rests on Mr. Lovely’s shoulders. It has been such a blessing and gift from God Himself!

Well, last month, I put forth a deliberate effort to post on all of my social networks on a regular basis and saw a tripled increase of income. That increase was experienced with no goal, plan, and sporadic posting twice a week. So now, I am going to undertake an Instagram challenge that I discovered on Pinterest a few weeks ago in an attempt to increase and maintain a steady income from my crochet business. I have created a Facebook page for others who may be interested in joining me, so feel free to stop by (just click on the blue link)!

I am going to be posting daily prompts (on that facebook page) that should be easy to complete and will, hopefully, increase your own followers, sales, and income! Each prompt shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes: snap a photo, add some words, make it public, and voila!! I’d sure love it if you dropped by and at least gave it a try. You don’t even have to follow every single prompt every single day. Just do what you can/want, and watch your business grow 🙂

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