Pikachu Crochet Pattern :-)

IMG_1710Memorial day weekend was rainy and cold in West Texas where I hail from. So, I took advantage of the time and finished up several crochet patterns that have been needing some final touches. I am very exited to announce that Pikachu has been published and is ready for purchase from my ETSY SHOP. And as with all of my crochet patterns, you DO have permission to sell any finished products made from my patterns, but please do not copy or redistribute the pattern itself. Also, I am not affiliated with Nintendo…

But, isn’t it just cute! I really like how the tail turned out. There are three different sizes available 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-24 months. Which includes like 6 different hat sizes, but it’s all good 🙂 Super easy to read pattern with lots of pictures to talk you along the way, you don’t have to be an expert crochet-er to figure it out. Basic stitches (Chain, Single Crochet, Half-double Crochet, Single Crochet two Together (Sc2tog), Slip Stitch, and that’s really it!).

You can always go HERE to check out all of Family Bugs’ crochet patterns (several of them are *FREE*), and share the love on Pinterest and facebook!!

2 thoughts on “Pikachu Crochet Pattern :-)

  1. Could you please blog about how you go about getting the licesnse to sell trademarked character designs like this. I am sure it is something that many crafters would love to know more about, yet one rarely sees it discussed.

  2. Basic Beanie Free Crochet Pattern 2.0 – need help – making these hats, can I use a “G” hook and Bernat Baby Coordinates Yarn…making them for the children’s hospital and have been asked to only use that brand & kind of yarn. Hope to have 40 hats by Christmas (with your help in answering my question. Lily in California.

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