Putting on a craft show when you are short on time…

Just recently I had a friend asking me about putting on a craft show.  She had about 8 weeks, and a very meager stash to work with.  My first reaction was “YIKES!”  But I was good and held my tongue and offered her a bit of advice.  She ended up not doing the show for several reasons, but I still wanted to share my advice with all of you.  So, did you JUST find out about a craft show and are thinking about doing it?  My first response is always going to be “YES!  Do it!”  (My first reaction wants to consider all of the details, but I’m pretty good at keeping that to myself and outwardly expressing pure encouragement).  Here are a few things to consider if you are short on time and have a deadline approaching way faster than you would like for it to be.

  • Keep your display flat.  I know that this is going against any and everything that you might ever ready about participating in a craft show, but if you are short on time, you focus needs to be more on products than on display.  Yes, it is preferable to have a 3-d display that meets the customers at eye-level, but if you don’t have any products to put on that display, it won’t help you a single bit.
  • Utilize your time.  Instead of creating the same product in multiple sizes, mix it up.  Yes, it’s nice to be able to offer the same product in every size.  It means that you won’t have any disappointed kids when that hat they fell in love with is just too small for their overly large head.  BUT, variety is going to appeal to the masses, and it might even gain some custom orders for you to fill out and deliver at a later time.
  • Assembly line it.  When possible.  A personal example might be that I create all of the basic hats, then I create all of the necessary attachments (eyes, beaks, ears, tassels, etc.) then I would put it all together.
  • Don’t freak out.  It’s my husband’s no. 1 rule for a reason.  When you freak out, nothing gets accomplished, and you might even harm the process.

Try to keep things as simple as you can, and try to have fun!  It’s a good chance to further expose your brand to the masses, maybe earn a bit of an income, and meet some fellow crafters and enthusiasts along the way!  Do you have any questions or suggestions about selling at craft shows?  We’d love to hear them and benefit from them!!


Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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