Looking for artistic inspiration

While I have not been active with blogging, I have been super active with crocheting (and selling).  I’ve got a darling little crochet doll pattern that has almost 20 different outfits that she/he can wear, and with cranking out 3-4 different crochet patterns for my little doll a month, I’ve gotten a bit burned out.  So…where do I go when I need to recharge, or find some more inspiration?

  • A different craft.  I also enjoy painting, sewing, scrap booking, and a myriad of other artistic creationism.  Not only can this give you a bit of an artistic break, but you can discover a different kind of inspiration.
  • Take a break.  Give yourself a bit of a hiatus, take a week, or a whole month, and just stop working on your craft.
  • Learn a new technique for the same craft.  Learn a new stitch, or a different method for doing what you are already doing.
  • Offer a new product.  Take a week, put your etsy shop on vacation (or extend shipping times), and create a new product to offer to your consumers.
  • Buy new supplies.  Get some new paint, some fancy new yarn, maybe a new lens to play with on your camera.
  • Let someone else “play” with your product.  Just recently my Mother-in-Law got a hold of a few of my crochet dolls, and she has spiced them up a bit, adding ribbon here, bows there, beads in between.  While they were super cute to begin with, she’s made them even more adorable and given me some new ideas!
  • Change your crafting location.  Sometimes simply moving your person can be enough to inspire you.  If you normally create on the couch (like I do), try moving to the dining room table, or go to the park, or camp out in your bed.
  • Search online.  Put the word “art” behind your crafts (like, I would search “crochet art”), in the google search bar and witness the wonders that pop up in the images.
  • Have someone else make you accountable.  I have a crochet-a-long that I host for my little crochet dolls.  I have already promised 1-2 new outfits for every single month of the year (2014).  I have been a bit late from time to time, but sometimes, just knowing that I’ve got 20-30 other people looking forward to these patterns is enough to keep me hooking.

I know that in the world of selling your artistic creations, it can become tedious, monotonous, and sometimes just plain right dull to make the same things over and over and over again, in the same way, with the same colors.  But, that doesn’t mean that you are ready to quit altogether.  So, before you delete your business altogether, try mixing it up a bit, and bringing that initial joy and excitement back into your craftings!!

What are some things that YOU do to bring the inspiration back to your craft-makings??


Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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