Wedding preparations

I have been crafting up a storm getting ready for my sisters wedding that is coming up fast end of June!  I got married a little over 6 years ago, and boy has the wedding industry changed a LOT during the past 6 years.

To gift to my beloved sister, I ran straight to the wonderful world of pinterest.  Yeah, I basically LOVE pinterest.  I wanted something cheap (mother of three, here), practical (something that was useful), easy (that mother of three comes into play again), and pretty (she IS getting married, after all!).  So, here’s the list of what I made her (all modified, of course).  Putting all of these together cost me a total of $5.00!

She is also going to be having a lingerie shower shortly before the wedding, and I’ve got some more crafty things to put together for that.  It’s just so much fun!

Crafting for the wedding itself has involved finishing up my girls’ dresses (flattening and trimming 10 layers of tulle for the tutu’s!), hemming pants and suspenders for my tiny son, cooking 7 layers of cake, mixing up 4 cheese balls that are the size of your head, kneading tons of fondant, making several bowl-fulls of popcorn, creating directional signs, and a bunch of little things here and there along the way.

We’ve also managed to fit in a bit of swimming, card-playing, running around outside, children’s museum, oh, and taking care of the 3 month old puppy that I just couldn’t leave behind.

So, what are some of your FAVORITE wedding crafts?  Or better yet, do you sell wedding crafts?


One thought on “Wedding preparations

  1. I don’t sell them but my favorite wedding craft is making my own card to send to the bride i make pretty patterns on cardstock and go from there

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