Selling hand-made crafts? What do you want to know?

Writing an informational blog like this can be rather tricksy.  I mostly write about the generalized topic of “how to sell your hand-made crafts”, and I occasionally throw in my personal experiences with selling crochet (patterns and finished products).  However, after doing this for almost two years, I feel a bit redundant.  I know that I have new readers and subscribers on a daily basis who probably haven’t and will never ready my earlier posts about selling crafts.  I also know that recent content is more likely to show up on searches and websites and get exposure.  But what can I write about that hasn’t already been discussed and dissected by so many other bloggers, and my previous posts? 

Well, that is where you, dear reader, come into play!  It is SO simple!  Really!  Just comment below with what you want to know about selling your hand-made crafts!  Is there a specific craft that you are interested in, and don’t know where to start?  Are you struggling with getting constant sails?  What is the best approach for increasing your business?  How do you get return customers?  What about packaging…is there a cheap, efficient, unique way to manage shipping?

I want to help YOU.  This is advice, suggestions, and assistance that is 100% FREE, and 100% tailored to your specific needs in selling your hand-made products.  A service that would normally cost you a nice chunk of change and all you gotta do to receive it, is comment with what you want to learn about selling hand-made crafts.  Easy Peasy, right?

3 thoughts on “Selling hand-made crafts? What do you want to know?

    1. Peggy, that is a very good question. I always check the competition first, and try to price my products similarly, without jipping myself, or being unfair to everyone else. There is a secret formula bouncing around somewhere but math confuses me sometimes, haha! I suggest googling it “how to price crochet products for selling”, you’ll get some good answers!

  1. Where did you start selling your items? Facebook, Etsy, Ebay? do you use paypay? Also, do you have one of those card swiping readers? (to accept CC)?

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