Available Crafting Competitions for 2014

Exhibitions, competitions with prize awards, art shows, crafting and design awards…all opportunities to get your brand out there, become well-known, increase your exposure, and have a little extra fun in the process.  If I have peaked your interest yet, here’s some suggestions of where to look to apply!

The Craft Directory/Craft Counsel has wonderful lists of opportunities for registered crafters (as well as knowledge on how to become registered).  Mostly for citizens of the UK, there are a few opportunities listed for the US crafter as well.

THE Smithsonian is having a very prestigious craft show which will give you the opportunity to not only be judged, but to sell the work that has been submitted (I’m a bit excited about this one, personally!)

Goldsmith’s craft and design counsel will be hosting a 2014 competition, and they also have a nice gallery of the awards that were won in 2013

And you can find a whole list of Competitions and Exhibitions on the North Charleston Art Festival’s web site

If you have come across any other crafting competitions or opportunities, I would sure love to hear about them!  What would you enter into such a pristine crafting competition if you were going to (don’t worry about the time to create, or the cost of materials, or even the cost of application)?

Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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