Two Different Tutorials for Adding Hair to a Crocheted Doll

I have come across a few different ideas for attaching hair to a doll.  The hairstyle that you so desire for your doll is going to determine the method that you are going to want to attempt.  For a bobbed look (for either girl dolls or boy dolls), I do believe that this first method is going to be your best option.  Bonus: It can be used on regular cloth-made stuffed dolls as well as the crocheted stuffed dolls.  For longer hair that you want to style, or to just leave down and flowing, the second method is going to work better.

First of all, you have to have made your doll’s head before you can do this (either sewn or crocheted).  If you don’t already have a pattern, feel free to crochet mine which can be found HERE.  If you have already made your doll’s head, then grab your favorite brand of yarn in your preferred color, and choose if you want the bobbed hair style, or the longer hair style.

Bobbed hair:

  1. Grab yourself a sewing needle that is large enough for the yarn to go through the eye.  Cut a very long piece of that yarn and thread it.
  2. Starting at the base of the head, in the back, near the hair-line, insert your needle.  Pull the yarn almost all the way through.
  3. Now, insert the needle at the top of the head were the part is going to be.  Pull the yarn tight, not too tight that the scalp scrunches up, but tight enough that the yarn sits comfortable on top of the head, and won’t move around too much.
  4. Go back to the hairline and insert your needle again.  The needle goes side-to-side while the yarn goes top-to-bottom.  Continue going on in this method until you’ve got a good covering of hair.  You want it thick enough so that the scalp doesn’t show through, but not too thick because then the needle will become hard to thread through.
  5. photo(27) photo(29) photo(30) photo(31)
  6. What I have pictured is a crochet doll that has pink hair.  I then went back and added a few red streaks to it, because while the plain pink would’ve looked just fine, I wanted a bit more texture to my doll’s hair.

 photo(32) photo(28)

Long Hair:

  1. Cut several very long lengths of yarn in the hair color.  These need to be at least twice as long as the desired length.
  2. Taking one stand at a time, fold it in half (so that there is a loop on one end).
  3. Starting along the hair-line, insert hook into the head, and grabbing the loopy end of the hair strand, pull it through (but not all the way through).
  4. Stick the hook through the loop and grab the two loose strands of this piece of hair.  Pull them all the way through the loop, and pull tight.  There you have one strand of hair completed (it’s a double strand).
  5. Repeat this process all along the hair line.  Feel free to make the hair as thick or as thin as you prefer.  For an abridged version, just add strands of hair along any part that the preferred hair style will create.  For example, if I want my doll to have pig-tails, I will also add some strands of hair down the center part.
  6. Style the hair, and fasten it with an elastic (I like those clear ones, but any work just great!)
  7. Give the hair a cut to straighten up the edges, and voila!  your doll is completed 😀

IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0592

IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0596

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