5 ways to prepare for the new craft-selling year

We are already 2+ weeks into the new year, and all of those resolutions that you made back in December have either fallen to the wayside or been completely forgotten and life has gone back to an almost normal state (at least the normal before the holiday craziness).  Well, instead of giving up on the crafting resolutions that you made just 2 weeks ago, why not revisit them, re-vamp them, and re-install them into your business!  First of all, how about preparing your business to handle this new year.

  1. Clean everything out.  Start with the inboxes: email needs to be cleaned out, delete those old messages that you don’t need anymore. Move on to the crafting supplies.  If you are anything like me, you keep EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that could be used in crafting.  It needs to be cleaned out and *gasp* some things may need to be thrown away.
  2. Organize anything that you can’t bare to part with.  Take inventory, the email messages that you need to keep need to be put in proper folders so that you can find them when needed.  Same thing for the crafting supplies.
  3. Set goals.  Long-term and short-term goals.  Where do you see your business at the end of the month/year, in five years?
  4. Keep records.  Especially for legal concerns!  Go ahead and set up some sort of record’s keeping management system: digital, or on paper, it doesn’t matter, but go ahead and fill out as much of it before hand as you possibly can that way it is easy and fast to keep up with it.
  5. Stock up on necessaries.  Maybe you need more shipping materials, or new crafting tools, or business cards…etc.

Of course, all of these things can be done at any point throughout the year, and will probably have to be done again on a quarterly basis.  However, the first of the year is a perfect time to start!  How do you get ready for a new craft-selling year?


2 thoughts on “5 ways to prepare for the new craft-selling year

  1. This year I decide to simplify my process. I made a realistic goals to complete three crafting projects I started last year. I been using project life 365 and documenting in journal. I am really bad at printing pictures therefore my plan is to include pictures at the end of the month, if not It’s still ok. I am not stressing out and making realistic project goals and timelines to complete them.

    1. That sounds like an amazing way to get everything that you want done. I think that sometimes we make things too detailed, and too complicated, and then when we get behind it becomes so overwhelming that we don’t even want to try anymore. Excellent idea to simplify!!

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