Keeping the crafting motivation high for 12 months

Creative minds often work in spurts.  Usually there is a huge overload of inspiration and motivation, and it become overwhelming to keep it all contained and in order.  After a few weeks, or even months, the motivation crashes hard.  It may take the rest of the year to build the creativity back up.  During the creative high, many crafters just work like crazy, they are excited, eager, want to get the new ideas out there as fast as they can.  But they work too hard, and soon they are completely burned out and in desperate need of a collective break.  However, a creative mind simply cannot take a break.  Unable to recharge properly, they try to coast by, and it may take several more months until their creative juices are properly flowing again, and the cycle starts all over.  So, how can you stop this cycle, and keep the creative motivation running all year long?

  1. Pace yourself.  That’s right, slow it down a bit.  Don’t go on a crafting spree.  Harder said than done, right?  Self-discipline will be the key here.
  2. One thing at a time.  Finish one product line before starting another one.  When you get a new idea, write it down, remember it, but complete what you are currently working on before moving on to the next thing.
  3. Take a break.  Sometimes the fire needs rekindled.  It is ok to take a week, or a weekend, or a short length of time to recharge.  Put the crafting materials away, don’t even look at them.
  4. Buy new materials.  Nothing can bring the motivation and the spark back into your creativity than getting new “toys” to play with.  Try a different combination of colors, or a different brand, or a different material (like wool instead of cotton).
  5. Separate the new products.  When those spurts of energy and ideas strike, go ahead and break them up a bit.  Let’s say that you have ideas for a dress, some shirts, hats, and shoes all at the same time.  Ok, start with the dress, get one of them made, then make a shirt, after that create a hat, then maybe make a second dress.  Etc.  You don’t have to release all twelve dresses that you’ve thought up at the same time.
  6. Peruse pinterest.  Oh man, if you are looking for some inspiration, you can find it on pinterest for sure!  From inspirational quotes, to creative pictures, to new product ideas.

It can be difficult to keep the motivation levels at a workable level for a long length of time, but with some self-discipline, a bit of careful pacing and planning, and some inspirational and motivational energizing, you can stay creatively strong all year long!  What are some of your favorite ways of re-motivating when the energy starts to dwindle?


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