Selling crafts online – beyond Etsy

Etsy is a very successful site if you want to sell your hand-made crafts.  It is very well-known, gets tons of traffic, is relatively easy for sellers to set-up, pretty cheap for the seller, and unfortunately, has a HUGE number of sellers.  It can be easy for your store to get lost amidst all of the other online sellers, and oftentimes, in order to maintain competitive prices you wont be making as many dollars of a profit as you deserve.  So, what about selling online beyond Etsy?

Craftsy: Any patterns and tutorials can be sold via craftsy.  I sell several of my crochet patterns through here, but you can also sell sewing patterns, or really any crafting tutorial.  Easy to start up, no selling cost.  Listing new products is a bit involved and slightly confusing, and the traffic isn’t as massive as Etsy, but those are pretty small drawbacks.  Albeit, not everyone can design patterns and tutorials…but if you can, I definitely recommend

Ravelry is a knit and crochet based community.  If you have yarn-based patterns or tutorials, you can sell them here (or for free!).  I like how it is connected to paypal, and also has a pretty small (or non existent, I can’t remember right now) commissioner fee.  The listing process can be confusing and involved, but once you figure it out, isn’t difficult.

Amazon:  I have attempted to sell on Amazon before, and got so bogged down by the process and my confusion, that I gave up.  The selling commission is a bit more, but there is also a pretty large customer basis.  If you have figured it out, you definitely CAN have success here.

Ebay: Another popular site that can bring some success.  If you are unknowledgable about ebay, it is an auction-based site.  I have not ever used Ebay for my hand-made crafts, simply because of the possibility that I would make less than what I want/deserve as far as profit is concerned.  However, there is also the chance that you could make *more* than you thought.

These are just the site’s that I have personally tried out.  I am hoping to try out some more in the near future (depending on the costs, of course!), so stay tuned for my reviews on a few other sites 🙂 is on my list, along with and


2 thoughts on “Selling crafts online – beyond Etsy

  1. Be sure to check out as well. They are an amazing place to sell your handmade items, because they are sticking to the heart of Handmade (unlike Etsy). A free shop is just that, totally free. With it, you get up to 50 listings, each with up to 4 images. Listings expire 3 months out. You can upgrade to a Premium shop for $10/mo or $79/year, which gets you unlimited, never-expiring listings with up to 8 images, preference in the searches, and shop customization options.
    The sellers there are fantastic people, too – always helpful and encouraging!
    I have a premium shop at if you’d like to take a look.

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