Coming back to craft-writing after a very long hiatus

I took a break from writing about selling hand-made crafts during the summer.  I was doing a lot of traveling, and house-cleaning, and other such going ons, and I just didn’t keep up with this blog.  THEN, wen fall started, we decided to start homeschooling our children (now aged 4, 3, and 1) and I spent all of my free time working on resources and planning, and researching.  I still have to remind myself sometimes that we are JUST doing preschool right now, it doesn’t need to be anything high tech.  In two weeks, I will be participating in a craft show and I have been working my fingers to the bones trying to get all of that in order.  So, that’s a basic going-on in my life in the past 4 months.  I am planning on coming back to crochet pattern writing and writing regularly here in mid-October.  Things have slowed down a bit, we’ve got our homeschooling schedule figured out, and I’ve actually figured out how to keep my house in a mostly presentable state with little maintenance. 

Here is a basic question for all of those who started following me during this hiatus: What would you like to learn about selling hand-made crafts?  Is there a specific craft that you would want me to focus on?


3 thoughts on “Coming back to craft-writing after a very long hiatus

  1. You sound super busy…and small children are complete time thieves! When ‘real life’ comes calling it’s good to take time off from blogging. I’m very casual with my blogging and whenever there’s a big space between posts it just means lots has been happening in my life. The good thing about a blog is it’s always there for you to come back to.

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