Reproduce an old post

One of my best blog posts was written fairly early in my blogging career.  I spent about two weeks working on it, for the purpose of making it a great staple to my blog!  It continues to bring more visitors and followers to this blog, and while I have gone back several times to try to reproduce this same post in a better light, repurposing it with videos and images, the original still receives the most attention.  So, instead of continuing to better something that is apparently awesome by itself, I am just going to direct you to the link to go back to that post, and you can read it and be in awe of my brilliance!!

How to Become a Professional Crafter – Standing out from the Hobbyist

And this blog post has been brought to you by the letter R – Reproduce.  Instead of “liking”, “sharing”, this post, why not hop on over to that other post (can also be found HERE), and like, and share it!  But definitely go ahead and subscribe to my blog for more information about selling hand-made crafts 🙂



3 thoughts on “Reproduce an old post

    1. There is so much on the internet and the most recent information is seen first. If you’ve got a great post that’s getting buried by your own blog (not to mention the gazillions of others out there), now is the time to pull it out of the wood works and let it get more/fresh views!

      Thanks for stopping by 😀

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