Optimizing old blog posts

So you’ve been blogging for a period of time, and you are starting to feel redundant in what you are saying? I suppose there are only so many different ways that you can say “I’ve got new products!”, or “this is what I do for a living”. If you are running out of topics to write about, I definitely recommend my “50 blogging topics for craft-sellers” post I wrote a few days ago. Perhaps you may be wondering: what about all those other posts? They contain some good information and aren’t being read quite as much as my newer posts. Well, the answer to all of your problems is to repurpose those old posts.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle.”? Same concept can be applied to any old materials. Bring that old information back into the light…maybe even a new light. Take an old blog post and rewrite it with a different perspective, create a video post out of it, take a bunch of ports and turn them into an e-book. They are just sitting there collecting cyber dust, and you are in need of more material anyways. You’ve already done the work to compile the research and information. So now you can get even more from that time you spent!

Today’s blog post has been brought to you by the letter O – optimize!!


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