Linky Love

What sort of a craft-selling guru would I be if I didn’t feature other artists from time to time?  There are some truly talented people out there, and many of them blog!  It is actually rather difficult to find other blogs who are specifically about the generalized “how-to sell hand made crafts” like mine is, but several that are more focused on the how-to sell a specific craft.  So, I am going to share some of them with you.  I encourage you to follow whichever one you are interested in…because while I give a generalized information, these people can go in depth and give you very specifics of how to sell your specific craft and really excel in that particular marketplace.

Sara Duggan is Momwithahook and writes on Crochet Business Blogging.  I follow and LOVE what she writes about selling crochet.  So very helpful!

Empty Easel (which I JUST started following, so can’t say whether it is good or not from a personal perspective), blogs about selling art of the visual kind…specifically paintings.

Then of course there is the Etsy blog, which features a lot of different information.  It can be pretty difficult to wade through at times, but definitely can’t hurt to help.

I don’t know how well it is kept up, because their last post was from a month ago, but it might be worth reading through the archives of Craft Business Biz Blog, there are a few interesting articles that caught my eye.

For a seamstress that might benifit from sewing advice or tutorials, or if you want some specifics for how to sell you hand-sewn pieces of art, check out Sewing for Cash!

There is also a post about recycling “garbage” to make clever crafts!  If you are interested in these ideas, then go on over to Art of Recycling.

I am sure that I could continue to find others in this big world of internet users, but I’m sure that is plenty for now.  If you are interested in a specific craft and want to find someone who is writing about how to sell that craft, just google “how to sell _______”, and look at the blog title.  Don’t look for a *post* titled that, look for the blog that is named similarly.

Today’s blog post has been brought to you by the letter L – Linky Love!

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