Selling crafts during holidays

Holiday times can be stressful and super busy. You want to have holiday-specific crafts available for your customers. You also don’t want to be super stressed so that you can’t enjoy your own holiday celebrations. So, just how do you manage to find the balance between it all?


Holiday HDR
Holiday HDR (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)


Set a limit.  First, decide which holiday you are crafting for, and working a month or two in advance, craft a few specific products.  Don’t go overboard with it. 3-4 different products that are geared to a specific holiday is just plenty.  Then, you must pre-set the last day that someone can order or purchase one of those products.  Keep in mind how long it takes to create the craft, and then shipping times. Last of all, market your sales.  Many holidays come with exciting savings.  OR, after the holiday has passed and you are ready to get rid of your remaining inventory without taking a huge loss in profit.


Today’s blog post has been brought to you by the letter H – Holiday selling. Keeping it short and sweet today too!


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3 thoughts on “Selling crafts during holidays

  1. How much stock do you like to build up before the holiday seasons? I plan on doing craft fairs towards the middle/end of the summer, but I’m feeling overwhelmed with how much I have to create.

    1. That’s really going to depend on your personal preferences. I like to do custom made items (which is, I make it after the customer buys it). So, I only make up one of each color of each item.

      For ready to ship items (which is, items that you make before the customer buys), I think a good rule of thumb is to have 2-3 of each size and color option. You can probably expect to sell more each year as your business should be growing each year. And if you don’t sell it this year, you can probably sell it next year!

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