Telling Tuesdays – Goodnight Peanut

il_570xN.426943303_izzzI know I am a day early here, but today’s letter is G, and my “telling tuesdays” segment is perfect for *Guest Bloggers*!  So, today we will learn about Hannah Zimmerling over from Goodnight Peanut Creations.  I LOVE her little shop, because I can totally relate (after all, she is also a busy mother of 3!).  Her children and lifestyle lead her to the custom sewn creations for children that you can find in her shop, and oh man, are they cute AND useful.  She has been selling handmade quilts and children gift items for seven years.

“My favorite thing about selling my crafts are the heartwarming moments when a child falls in love with something I have made. It makes my day when they pick something out and can’t put it down, let alone let me put it in a bag for them. I also find it very rewarding that people trust me to help them make something custom for their children. It is challenging and rewarding to implement their visions and desires. I truly enjoy the stories of customers!”

il_170x135.335970749Hannah advises that Research is going to be the key ingredient to a start-up hand crafting business.  I must agree with her, it is super important to know the market that you will be competing against and know what sort of business practices that you will be implementing.  Especially because it is solely up to you for how your business turns out, “you definitely get out of it what you put in.  Hard work is rewarded!”

“It is a great creative outlet for me. I enjoy the feeling of different fabrics and all the great colors and patterns I encounter daily. The possibilities and combinations are endless!”

il_170x135.292285169If this sounds like a pretty cool person, I definitely recommend checking out her shop and maybe supporting her business and all of the hard work that she puts into it! To be featured yourself feel free to send me an email (  “like” this post if you think Hannah Zimmerling makes some pretty cute stuff, and go ahead and share it with your friends too!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more tips about selling your own hand made goods and some previews into the adventure of those that do it successfully!



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