Do people really buy hand-made crafts that they could make themselves?

Mrs. Butterfly,


List of Iberian butterflies
List of Iberian butterflies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Do people really buy hand-made crafts?  I mean, with all of the super easy tutorials online, and the multitude of ideas out there, why would anyone want to buy something that is so simple to create themselves?  I would love to turn my own crafting hobby into a business but I just can’t see how anyone would want to purchase any of what I make?


Sincerely, Going beyond a hobby




Dear Going beyond,


Some people are crafty and some people aren’t.  An easy craft for you might end up being a disaster for someone else.  Besides, there are a lot of people who don’t *enjoy* crafting like you obviously do.  There are also some crafts that take a special skill or tool that isn’t readily available to everyone (like crocheting, or shuttle tatting).  Then there are those who just don’t want to take the time and effort to hand-create something, but they adore the idea of hand-made gifts.  So yes, people really do buy hand-made crafts.  I have a saying, when one of my customers makes a special request for an item that I think is ugly, “there will always be someone who likes it”.  So, by all means, go ahead and sell you crafting and be the best you can be at your hobby!


Yours truly, The Monarch Butterfly


Today’s post has been brought to you by the letter D – Dear Monarch


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