50 Blogging Topics for the craft seller

Whether you are selling your crafts, or just blogging about them…really, any sort of blog that you may write, it can be difficult to come up with topics. After a while, you start to run out of ideas. Well, here are a hundred different topics that you may choose to blog about 🙂


  1. How did you learn to do this craft?
  2. What is your inspiration for your products?
  3. Mais material || More supplies
    Mais material || More supplies (Photo credit: Ei! Kumpel)

    Where do you get your materials?

  4. Let your needle have a conversation with the fabric.  Or your pleater can have a conversation with the needles.  Or whatever materials you use, let them talk to each other about what is going on.
  5. Explain, in a different perspective, the creation process.  Maybe take the point of view of your left pinky fingernail.  Take your craft from the research period, to the gathering materials, to the actual creation, marketing, and all the way to the packaging and shipping out.

  6. Why do you sell what you make?  to what purpose does your business exist?
  7. Material
    Material (Photo credit: Siona Karen)

    A day in the life of… pick something, pick one of your tools, talk about yourself, maybe from the table where all of your work takes place.

  8. Tutorial.  Maybe from the very beginning.  ”How to smock: basic stitches”.
  9. Maybe throw in a “help me” post asking for suggestions, tips, advice, to fellow artists.
  10. In what ways have you grown and developed your skill set to become more efficient, faster, or increase the quality of your work since the beginning of your business?
  11. Where do you get your patterns?  Or if you design your own, when did you first start doing that?
  12. Research the production of your materials.  For example, pick your favorite brand of embroidery thread.  Find out how it is manufactured.  Then, narrate the process, or go on a factory tour.
  13. Glassworking made Querétaro an economic center...
    Glassworking made Querétaro an economic center in the 1700s, and glass crafting is still a novelty trade mark of the city today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Try something new.  If you normally cross stitch on the specially designed fabric, why not try to cross stitch on a pillow case?

  14. Is there something about your craft that bothers you?  Don’t be afraid to rant about it.
  15. Famous people who needle art.  Google it, do a bit of research, then blog about these historic or pop culture figures.
  16. Where do you get your inspiration?
  17. Your ideal photographing situation.
  18. Process of editing your photography.
  19. THE perfect tool of your trade (maybe it doesn’t even exist yet).
  20. Share some of your photography knowledge with your readers.  I’m sure that they also have a camera that they use upon occasion.
  21. Your ideal client/model/subject.  Feel free to be totally vague about this one, or make it quite personal (but anonymous)
  22. Photographs from a gallery in Skopje, Macedoni...
    Photographs from a gallery in Skopje, Macedonia, that mostly works on crafting and painting icons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    What sort of classes or research or experimentation have you done to set yourself apart from the amateur?

  23. How many years have you been a crafter?
  24. Compare yourself now to yourself back when you first started.  How have you changed?  What did you do at the very beginning that was obviously noob?
  25. What about developing finished products?  You can share this process of the creation without going into huge details.
  26. Where do you get your materials?
  27. What is your favorite tools – which brush do you use to form what texture?
  28. Experiment: Use a different brush, a different brand of paint, a different canvas.
  29. Crafts for Fun and Profit 7
    Crafts for Fun and Profit 7 (Photo credit: sallysetsforth)

    What are your favorite colors to work with, and why?

  30. What are your opinions on textures and how do you go about creating different ones?
  31. Everyone had a beginning, describe yours.
  32. Describe what you think each color means (either with personalities, or with emotions, or whatever you can think of).
  33. Tutorial of something that you don’t sell.
  34. Your dream machine.  That big bad sewing machine that you would practically die for.
  35. What’s your process for creating?
  36. Where do you get your materials?
  37. How is your favorite medium created?
  38. COLORS!
  39. How do you handle custom orders?

  40. Let your tools have a “relationship” with each other.  This could be a real cute on-going theme for your blog (I caution about being too raunchy with this idea, you want to encourage readers, not drive them away).
  41. Urban Craft Uprising
    Urban Craft Uprising (Photo credit: bre pettis)

    Photograph a tour of your workspace.  Use close-ups, show your readers where you keep everything.

  42. A day in the life.  What do you spend your time throughout the day doing?
  43. How did you get started selling your particular products?
  44. Where do you get the materials?
  45. How much time do you spend on one product?
  46. Do you ever suffer craft-related injuries?
  47. What kind of material do you use?  Is it a special kind, unique manufacturing, or texture?
  48. Try a new method.  Maybe try to create your product from fabric instead of paper.  How about trying your hand at making your own paper?
  49. Urban Craft Uprising
    Urban Craft Uprising (Photo credit: bre pettis)

    What materials and tools do you typically use?

  50. Chose one of your simpler (or cheaper) products and include a tutorial (use LOTS of pictures, or better yet, a VIDEO!)
  51. BONUS: You can show your creation process without showing how you make it.  What steps do you use: gather the materials and tools, cut the paper, design the finished product in your head.  Be humorous with it.
  52. BONUS: Write from the materials perspective, starting from creation all the way through the product creation and to its new home with the customer.
  53. BONUS: Future goals for your business.  Where do you see your business in a year, in five years, in ten years?  What are you going to do in order to reach those goals.


If you do end up blogging about one of these topics, I would LOVE some link back love, I would definitely read anything you wrote, and it’d be great exposure for you too!


Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter B – blogging topics!!


If you’d like to add to this list, by all means, just leave a comment below!  If you liked this post please share it with your friends and like it!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more tips, advice, and suggestions for selling your hand-made crafts 🙂




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