Family Bugs and Facebook.

For the fans of orange and white!  University of Tennessee Volunteers.
For the fans of orange and white! University of Tennessee Volunteers.

Not to scratch the broken record, but social media has revitalized and completely changed our perspective on the Internet. At first there was Facebook, which was originally a college student platform. (Yes, I am old enough to remember when you needed a college email address to be part of Facebook). It has grown and developed to become a place for every age, keeping track of friends, writing short tid bits of information about personal life, sharing pictures, and for all of us business minded people, Facebook is a place to form connections and promote or share our profession.

My own business started off on Facebook. I thought that my best place to sell would be to my friends and family, and the best way to let them know about my wares was through Facebook (you can check out my own Facebook page by searching Family Bugs and “like” it if you have an inkling to). I have managed to sell quite a bit to family and friends, I’ve sold even more to the friends of friends (at least through Facebook).

After the tons of research I have done, and the handful of ideas that I have tried, the discouragements, and the slight excitement when things momentarily do go the way I have planned, I have discovered a key to being successful on Facebook. For my line of work (primarily selling finished crochet pieces) post original photos often. As a creator, it is important to set yourself apart from all of the other creators, that’s where the “original” comes in. As far as exposure on social media goes, the “often” aspect will create more views, likes, and comments.

Yes, I swooned at my own creation! Like this photo if you did too :-D
Yes, I swooned at my own creation! Like this photo if you did too 😀

Captions will also make or break your photo. My most popular picture (posted to the right) generated response from almost 50% of my followers. As far as Facebook goes, that’s a “huge” amount (at least in my experience anyways). I really think it was the caption that drove it home. See, a lot of the times, when I am working on a custom order, I’m not real sure how its going to turn out. This one actually turned out way cuter than I was imagining in my head, so my caption was appropriate for my own reaction. But then there was the “call to action” which encouraged my followers to express a similar reaction that drove traffic up and increased conversion rates (at least momentarily).

What are some tried and true social media strategies that work for you? Feel free to leave your comments below!


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